On 17 October San Marino RTV and 1in360 project have announced the launch of an online talent show aimed at singers from across the world to find the "internet candidate" for Eurovision 2018 and crown him or her as San Marino's offical candidate for the singing competition.

1 in 360 is operated by Naff Naff Ltd., a U.K. company. According to the companies register, Naff Naff Ltd is owned by Mathias Strasser and has addresses in London and Vienna. There were several national final entries co-written by this Austrian producer, who in particular collaborated with Belgian songwriter Marc Paelinck over several entries in Maltese national final, and worked with such artists as Ira Losco, Dominique Azzopardi, Raquela, Klinsmann, Kylie Coleiro and others. Strasser and Paelinck also had entry in Irish preselection 2010 performed by Monika Ivkic, while Strasser also worked on few entries in German preselections. Art director and designer of the show is Daniel Kim, and he has released brandbook on his site.

Participants were invited to upload a cover of the track that made you fall in love with music or an original piece. One can perform solo or in a group – however, a group may not have more than 6 members. The selection process is open to singers from any country. All applicants must be at least 16 years old at the time of Eurovision 2018 (May 2018). Submissions will be accepted from October 21 through November 30 at After this date, no entries will be considered.

Once the song is published on the project's website, artists and fans can share it on social media and build your public support via likes. All entries with 100 likes (Website and Youtube both count will be automatically considered by the panel. If the panel like what they hear, artists will be invited to participate in the live shows. However, if someone wants to skip a step and jump straight in, a non-refundable fee of EUR 4.99 fee will guarantee a spot in-front of the panel. The EUR 4.99 fee is payable via Paypal. Additional information may be obtained by mail or at 0549 882872 .

On 21 October names of jury members of the preselection have been revealed to be Måns Zelmerlöw (Sweden 2015), Zoë Straub (Austria 2016) and Dave Berry (British radio DJ and TV host), however, later the page has been removed from the site with explanation of being sample page to test the graphics. Zoë have been reconfirmed as jury member on 13 November. Dancer and choreographer Vince Bugg, who has experience working on West End and Broadway productions including The Lion King has been confirmed as second judge on 8 December. British singer Neon Hitch has been confirmed as third jury member on 31 December.

Eventually, Vince Bugg has been replaced by Ladi (Ladislav Kossar) - a successful enterpreneur turned philantropist and Alessandro Capicchioni (Head of delegation for San Marino) added as another jury member.

"I definitely know exactly what I'm looking for. I'm not going to be rude or negative to anybody. Positive critique is always what I'm looking for. My critique is a little away from the singing and is more focused on the performance base. Very much with the dancing, the way someone moves. It doesn't have to be a full dance routine — you know, somebody standing still can still be very beautiful", Vince explained his preferences

First 150 entries, submitted to the participation in the internet preselection of San Marino 1in360 have been published on 1 November. Entries are also available on 1in360 Youtube channel. At the moment it was revealed that over 250 entries from 60 countries have been received.

The list of candidates included such names of former Eurovision or national final entrants like: Dado Topić (Croatia), Roberto Meloni (Italy), Anita Simoncini (San Marino), Gvantsa Saneblidze (Georgia), María Ólafs (Iceland), Syuzanna Melqonyan, Sona Dunoyan, Egine Grigoryan (Armenia), V.Gustov - I.Balakirev (Russia), TASHA ODI, Janet Buterus Soroka (Belarus), Monika Ivkić (Bosnia & Herzegovina), Yola Dinis (Portugal), Margaret Jamroży (Poland), Davinia Cuevas, Maika (Spain), Judah Gavra (Israel), Emma Sandström (Finland), Sada Vidoo (Denmark), Dinah Nah, Mahan Moin (Sweden), Nicole Azzopardi, Jessika, Franklin Calleja, Dario Bezzina, Dominic Cini (Malta), Karl William Lund (United Kingdom), Bella Wagner (Austria), Anna Cyzon (Canada), Elisa Kolk (Estonia), Sandy C (Moldova), Elena Petreska (Macedonia) and others. However, organizers met with some trolling as it appeared several acts were submitted without their consent and later were pulled off.

600 entries were received by 9 November, announced the broadcaster. "Whether have we expected a similar outcome? It was not far from our forecasts given the amount of proposals - more or less from all over the world - that we receive every year. This time, we have given everyone the chance to make a dream come true. It is amazing to receive proposals from Cameroon, Tajikistan, Lebanon, South Africa, Iran, China and Haiti, to name a few, as well as from the United States and almost all European countries", says head of delegation Alessandro Capicchioni, adding that there are not many candidates from neighboring Italy, and still not a single one from San Marino. "It is a competition also designed for the homeland artists and for which we have developed a system that helps them. We can not wait to prove that even our artists have something to say". Adverts have been placed in local newspapers in San Marino to encourage local applications.

By 23 November 750 entries from 70 countries have been received. "We have triggered a global response, and I believe it is the social networks power to have the merit. We are one of the smallest countries in the world and many of entrants probably had to look for us on the map. It's just incredible, and I find it very powerful that hundreds of boys and girls wanted to get into the game", declared head of delegation.

1050 entries have been received at the deadline, of which 971 have been accompanied by video and 79 only in audio format. 549 of them have been published on the website and Youtube channel. 28 more entries were published, but subsequently removed. Entries have been received from 79 states. Largest amount of entries came from Big 5 countries: Italy 67, Spain 51, Germany 42, United Kingdom 37 followed by United States 24, Russia 22, Sweden 20, Malta 19, Poland 14, Austria 13, Australia, Portugal, South Africa 11, Canada, Greece 10, France, The Netherlands, Ukraine 9, San Marino, Turkey 8, Israel, Philippines 7, Armenia, Belarus, Belgium, Serbia, Switzerland 6, Argentina, Estonia, Ireland, Norway 5, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Colombia, Croatia, Lithuania, Romania 4, Denmark, Haiti, Thailand 3, Bulgaria, Finland, Guatemala, Iran, Luxembourg, Mexico, Moldova, Singapore, Slovenia 2, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Brazil, Cameroon, Chile, China, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Dominica, Georgia, Ghana, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Latvia, Lebanon, Macedonia, Montenegro, Morocco, Namibia, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Slovakia, South Korea, Saint Lucia, Swaziland, Tajikistan, Zimbabwe 1.

Complete list of competitors of 1 stage. Red font marked are the artists who collected over 100 likes before 30 November (181 artist). It is unknown which artists chose to pay entry fee instead of collecting likes. It is also unclear, which artists have withdrawn, were disqualified or just chose to remove videos from public, which was allowed by the organizers upon request.
Hannes Hager (Austria)
Velvet Lipstick (Mexico)
Thierry Mersch (Luxembourg)
Robert Heslop (United Kingdom)
Zanele Cele (Swaziland)
Elena Petreska (Macedonia)
Kristof De Greef (Belgium)
Appassionante (Italy)
Roberto Meloni (Italy)
George Santana, Meriam Bosa (Spain)
Sergej Solovjov (Estonia)
Jamie Sghendo (Malta)
Mustafa Soysal (Turkey)
Michaël Duforest (France)
Eduard Alexogiannopoulos (Greece)
Nicholas Rogoff (United States)
Michael Casey (United Kingdom)
Elisa "ELYSA" Kolk (Estonia)
Miguel Barba (Spain)
Mario "Kody" Controllo (Italy)
leBlond (Spain)
Åri Agam (Israel)
Adrián Marín Rincón (Spain)
Matias Farina Solá (Argentina)
David Merc (Lithuania)
Kamila Caballero (Poland)
Philippe Laurin Laurin (Canada)
Una guapa y un gualtrapa (Spain)
Anna Cyzon (Canada)
Mette Berg Olesen (Denmark)
Vaido Neigaus (Estonia)
Doğukan Bayesen (Turkey)
Lisa van der Maazen (Netherlands)
Alex O'Ceallaigh (Ireland)
Susanna Galimi (Italy)
Joan Rafart (Spain)
Olle Jilkén (Sweden)
Dorian Reland (Switzerland)
Linus Svenheimer (Sweden)
Die Auster Bunny (Germany)
Island Notes (Dominica)
Stavros Pilichos (Greece)
Francesco "SKORPIO" Tomaino (Italy)
Samuel Lee (Australia)
Karl Jacobs (United States)
Fiamma Ciampi (Italy)
André Durham (United States)
Ezgi Olcay (Turkey)
Curtis Chapman (United Kingdom)
Chanel Malik (Canada)
Jimmi JDKA (San Marino)
Gloria Turrini (Italy)
Bella Wagner (Austria)
Eva Maliti (Russia)
Ala Donica (Italy)
Sargis Burnazyan (Armenia)
Terry Tuccori (United States)
Lisa-Jayne Lewis (United Kingdom)
Justin Hui (United Kingdom)
B Tafkanik (United Kingdom)
Andriy Krasko (KRAS) (Ukraine)
Anita Simoncini (San Marino)
Maika Barbero (Spain)
Kim Shepherd (United Kingdom)
Anna Shvets (Poland)
Viktoria Juganzon (Estonia)
Roberta Giallo (Italy)
Wolfgang Chico-Toepfer (Germany)
Lisa Pinault (France)
Paris and Bayley Horne (Australia)
Ludovica Amati (Italy)
Clarissa Vichi (Italy)
Elena + Francesco Faggi (Italy)
Gio Box (Italy)
Millon (Turkey)
Jah Phinga (Ghana)
Tanvir Hussain (Bangladesh)
Costanza Motroni (Italy)
Javier Serrano (Spain)
Karina Aristova (Lithuania)
V-M-M (Spain)
Shawn Myers (Canada)
Marko Carbone (Italy)
Krzysztof Ster (Poland)
Giovanni Zanin (Italy)
Fred Burdey (Switzerland)
Grant Cartwright (United Kingdom)
Sebastian Calleja (Malta)
Gvantsa Saneblidze (Georgia)
Jonas Tancred (Sweden)
Dave Ruda (Italy)
Raffaella Pierattoni (Italy)
Love X Stereo (South Korea)
YeOlde Musik (Colombia)
Battery Acid (United Kingdom)
Maurice de Greef (Netherlands)
MIchele Bertoni (Italy)
Efecan Erdoğan (Turkey)
Fabrizio Sanna (Italy)
IROL (San Marino)
Marcus Reischmann (Germany)
Jayson Lynn (United States)
Fiorina Guarino (Italy)
Kiralina Silkeberg (Sweden)
Anne Rayleen (United Kingdom)
Ellen Smulter (Finland)
Mónica Ferreira (Portugal)
Daiana Mingarelli (Italy)
Andreas Blazquez (Spain)
Blaž Vidovič (Slovenia)
Sophon Photirut (Thailand)
Vadim Simonov (Russia)
Elizaveta Chumak (Ukraine)
Sarah Robinson (Germany)
Livia Soro (Italy)
Asmen Baylav (Germany)
Ruggero Ricci (Italy)
Alex Scuderi (Germany)
Tamara Milanovic (Serbia)
Camilo Fernández (Chile)
Edmund Metzold (United States)
Tomasz Dolski (Poland)
Ivan "I Le Punk" Lopez (Spain)
Nelena Paparisva (United Kingdom)
Gloria Bennati (Italy)
Usha Shree Patnaik (India)
Fabian Langner (Germany)
Giovanni Montalbano (Italy)
Inshara Razzaq (Germany)
Luis Rodríguez (Spain)
Princess Rozelyn Macalinao (Philippines)
Meda Meskauskaite (Lithuania)
Kieran Richard Wilson (Malta)
Jennifer Anderson (Australia)
Miguel Vicente (Spain)
Yuri and Olga (Italy)
Francesco Calderoni (Italy)
Incitis (Spain)
Billy Mittell-Simpson (United Kingdom)
Alessandra Busignani (San Marino)
Alevtina (Russia)
Tom Hartis (France)
Daniela Pedali (Italy)
Polina Klinckwort (Russia)
Eduardo Gabriel Castro (Argentina)
Anthony (Switzerland)
Nicole Azzopardi (Malta)
Lucía Pacheco (Colombia)
Adir Toobaly (Israel)
Manuel Borroi (Italy)
Dinah Nah (Sweden)
Jessika (Malta)
-- published before 1st fan club vote deadline --
Helen Leahey (Germany)
Stojancho Buchkov (Macedonia)
Tony Power (United Kingdom)
Stephanie Peichl (Austria)
Cristina Milanese (Italy)
Babylon (Italy)
Nash Milani (Canada)
5th Gen (Philippines)
F Agustin (Philippines)
Arkadiusz Matuszak (Poland)
Daria Al-Gauari (Ukraine)
Pablo Torrado (Spain)
Aleandro Pace Tahir (Malta)
Nearchos Evangelou (Cyprus)
Fabrizio Valentini (San Marino)
Georgie Davis (Netherlands)
Dutchy Daisy (Netherlands)
Sergio Sabino (Portugal)
Kyle Zarb (Malta)
V.Gustov - I.Balakirev (Russia)
Karin Bekker (South Africa)
Sophon Photirut (Thailand)
Massimo Di Cataldo (Italy)
Michele Imberti (Italy)
Alexander Leonov (Russia)
Cornelis Rietveld (Netherlands)
Karl William Lund (United Kingdom)
Franklin Calleja (Malta)
Berth Red (Thailand)
Meg Pfeiffer (Germany)
No Sleep For Lucy (Sweden)
Alibi (San Marino)
Galina Polyakova (Russia)
Filip Polak (Poland)
Emma Reynolds (Ireland)
Barbara Budelli (Italy)
Tshepo Ntoane (South Africa)
Christopher Grevener (Germany)
Vladislav Lebedev (Russia)
Evgeniy Erômin (Ukraine)
Harry X (Greece)
Mehmet Köse (Turkey)
Kirsten Collins (Canada)
Murielle Augustin (Haiti)
Stefan Leibham (Germany)
Inas Layachi (Morocco)
Tennesee Brewed (United Kingdom)
Leo (Austria)
Tussen Sterre (South Africa)
Oyku Dogan (Turkey)
Melissa Tumeo (Australia)
Jens Geerts (Belgium)
Emma Sandström (Finland)
Josip Nedic (Croatia)
Marc Nathaniel Agcaoili (Philippines)
Adrian Nowiński (Poland)
Domenico Caringella (Italy)
Sasa Kulenovic (Serbia)
Darya Hyuga (Russia)
Mélanie Ribeiro (France)
Elena Mat'ushechkina (Russia)
Tim Nilsson (Sweden)
Kieran Hegarty (United States)
Artjom Savitski (Estonia)
Diego Javier (Italy)
Eden Morrissey (United Kingdom)
Nicki und die Schneehaserl (Austria)
Syuzanna Melqonyan (Armenia)
Dietmar Wolfgang Pritzlaff (Germany)
Elra Ermay-Glasgow (St Lucia)
Peter Zamorskiy (Ukraine)
Tural Abdulla (Azerbaijan)
Giant Jant (Switzerland)
Mada Ngoleka (Ireland)
Bayley Horne (Australia)
Alex Palmieri (Italy)
René Reith-Schäfer (Germany)
Camilla North (Norway)
Emily Herbert (United Kingdom)
Dominic Cini (Malta)
Mateusz Pławski (Poland)
Azamat Zhaleken (Kazakhstan)
Conny Cuordoro (Switzerland)
Patricia Abanades (Spain)
Pierpaolo Tieri (Italy)
Greco Iulia (Romania)
Aurora Lecis (Italy)
Tony Olsen (Denmark)
Gabriel Greenwood (United States)
Mac Zavadsky (Poland)
Jenifer Besky (Germany)
William and Deban (United Kingdom)
Carlos Morell (Argentina)
Storm3 (Netherlands)
Waldo Greeff (South Africa)
Andrew Simon (Austria)
Neoclubber (Russia)
Luisana Fanciulli (Italy)
Carmen Daniela (Afghanistan)
Marli Le Grange (South Africa)
Yentl-Maxime Haveman (Netherlands)
Sharon Rachman (Israel)
Apostolis Gotovas (Greece)
Gianluigi Colucci (San Marino)
Lydia Q (Spain)
Robert Urban (Poland)
Tobi Jooste (South Africa)
Anton Chernichenko (Belarus)
Gail Attard (Malta)
Magda Garcia (Guatemala)
Mark Anthony Bartolo (Malta)
Camilla Dentale (Italy)
NEA! (Germany)
Mahan Moin (Sweden)
Altun Zeynalov (Azerbaijan)
Carlos Nóbrega (Portugal)
Ani Lozanova (Bulgaria)
Mercedes Barreto (United States)
Jhenie Thimot (Haiti)
Shy Polka (Israel)
Em Appelgren (Sweden)
Nico Wolf (Germany)
JU NE (Netherlands)
Dan Barroso (Spain)
Dan Jasone (Ukraine)
Denise Faro (Italy)
Italove (Sweden)
Alicia Nurho (Spain)
Kuba Jasiecki (Sweden)
ADAM (South Africa)
Clinton Paul (Malta)
Steven Sterling (South Africa)
Tinashe Makura (Zimbabwe)
Lyndsay Pace (Malta)
Malcolm Pisani (Malta)
Kristiana Bumbiere (Latvia)
Grey Wiese (Germany)
Ángel Smith (Spain)
Mimis Levandes (Greece)
Andrea Testone (Italy)
Holly Rutherford (United Kingdom)
Milan Clemens (Germany)
Angelika Pushnova (Belarus)
Johny Kozloski (Poland)
Nadya Karpova (Ukraine)
Lyosha Dontsov (Ukraine)
Ángel Ruiz (Spain)
Victor Monteiro (Brazil)
Veronica Hattier (United States)
Yana Glushak-Sirena (Russia)
Tiago Braga (Portugal)
brian left (Spain)
Aksel Mork (Norway)
Nicoletta Battaglion (Italy)
Judah Gavra (Israel)
Valentino Di Cursi (Germany)
Sandy C (Moldova)
Osvaldo Supino (Italy)
Sada Vidoo (Denmark)
Ozzy Lino(Malta)
Krystian Hałat (Poland)
Sasha Bognibov (Moldova)
Mateusz Sulewski (Poland)
Fotis Barlakas (Greece)
Ewan James Armstrong (United Kingdom)
Ben Woodward (United Kingdom)
Sona Dunoyan (Armenia)
Augusto Piccini (Argentina)
Gian-Luca Martino (Germany)
Kalin Kalchev (Bulgaria)
Tiago Ribeiro da Costa (Portugal)
cloud 2 (Italy)
Coelho Fabrice (France)
Iván Martín (Spain)
Maria Cassar (Malta)
Jessica Krüger (Germany)
Gina Bafile (Australia)
Angela Madonia (Italy)
Silvia Vicinelli (Italy)
Harris Ljumanovic (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Stephane Feltrin (France)
Anna Puchkova (Belarus)
Eloy Ortiz (Spain)
Stefan Leibham (Germany)
Hanna Shedo (Czech Republic)
Slava Gordeev (Russia)
Melissa Perilli (Germany)
Elvira Michieva (Germany)
Elvin Novruzov (Azerbaijan)
Jordan Davis (United States)
Rafal Durawa (Poland)
Alexandros Giannousis (Greece)
Safael Mishi (Azerbaijan)
Alejandro IBÁZAR (Spain)
Lulanca Music (Spain)
Julio Hernandez Gomez (Spain)
Victoria Sciberras (Malta)
Tahmina Niyazova (Tajikistan)
Michael Downing (United States)
Veronika Iľková (Slovakia)
Nare Gevorgyan (Armenia)
Berget Lewis (Netherlands)
Aidan Martin (United Kingdom)
Sergey Sysuev (Ukraine)
Charles Capitulo (United States)
Odessa Green (Malta)
Egine Grigoryan (Armenia)
LayZ (Croatia)
Ciubotaru CornEL Ionut (Romania)
Chloe Strachan (United Kingdom)
HIlary Smile (Italy)
Dario & Grecia Bezzina (Malta)
Arianna Cappelletto (Italy)
Davinia Cuevas (Spain)
Sam Wood (United Kingdom)
Stiffano (France)
Isabelle Larm (Germany)
Ricky Ferreira (Portugal)
Gülçin Ergül (Turkey)
Alexandra Hasianta (Indonesia)
Hans Jörg Gugl (Austria)
Liam Pooley (United Kingdom)
Victoria Pederssen (Norway)
The OTP (Spain)
Emir Mert (Turkey)
Suren Poghosyan (Armenia)
John Bane (Serbia)
LeNuAria Band (Italy)
David Vardanov (Armenia)
Jean-Francois Cornillon (France)
Dionisis Kostis (Greece)
Paulo Filipe (Canada)
Andi Taranik (Belarus)
Alfred Escan (Spain)
Jingru Quah (Singapore)
André van Wyngaardt (South Africa)
Margaret Jamroży (Poland)
Martha Mateo (Spain)
Maxine Swaby (United Kingdom)
Beatriz Pereira (Portugal)
Crisan Giorgiana (Romania)
Marco Antonio Gaitano (Spain)
Dario Mifsud Bonnici (Malta)
Victoria Watts (United States)
Ewimbong Lesline (Cameroon)
Dianaerika Lettieri (Italy)
Sara de Blue (Austria)
George Brett (United Kingdom)
Michele Di Iulio (Italy)
Bjorn Rosier (Belgium)
Rafi Udin (Sweden)
Dan Muscat (Malta)
Amarda Calamarda (Spain)
Anna Schubert (Austria)
Reindensa (Spain)
Fabio Musetti (Italy)
Amanda Locura (Spain)
Jorge Tobarra (Spain)
Ana War (Spain)
Vasilije Ojdanić (Montenegro)
Alim Yakubov (Ukraine)
Belén Esteban (Spain)
Carlos Martin (Spain)
Ending Sequence (Spain)
Jacky Sieras (Germany)
G-Bros (Serbia)
Bogdan Ilic (Serbia)
Geørgia (Spain)
S.M.E.K. (United Kingdom)
Sylvia Martens (Germany)
Colé van Dais (South Africa)
Monika Ivkic (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Ana Maria Ganarul Perez (Spain)
Vell Baria (Philippines)
Harold Taylor (Guatemala)
Panagiotis Mademlis (Greece)
Luke Smith (United Kingdom)
Dragan Kekic (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Sean Sieczka (United States)
Adrian Trif (Sweden)
Artem Chukanov (Russia)
Diego Quintanilla (Spain)
Jill Svensson (Sweden)
Brandon Cooke (United Kingdom)
Nerea Martin (Spain)
Raylan Arbizu (Spain)
Peter Konrad (Canada)
Ole Gustav Johnsen (Norway)
Milo Lombardi (Italy)
Sebastian Schmidt (Germany)
Brian Dawson (Ireland)
Davide Greco (Italy)
Alejandro Restrepo (Colombia)
Cherry Fung (China)
Ones Antoine (Haiti)
Mark Brathwaite (Canada)
Patrice Lee (United States)
Hailey Rowe (United States)
Jonas Hedqvist (Sweden)
Francis Demesi (Kenya)
Sabrina Stern (Germany)
Eddy Berthy (France)
Eric Sell (Germany/Namibia)
Gilda O'Casla (Philippines)
Yury Zelenin (Russia)
Tasha Odi (Belarus)
Sarah Nanret (Ireland)
Francesco Mussoni (Italy)
Nikita Volkov (Spain)
Daniel Ott (Germany)
Anastasios Evangelos Makridis (Greece)
Romeo Lewis (United Kingdom)
Nadia Bezborodova (Russia)
Dado Topic (Croatia)
Ben Rayzman (Israel)
Janet Buterus Saroka (Belarus)
Christian Flachowsky (Germany)
Gunhild-Malena Oma (Norway)
Egor Luts (Russia)
Erik Leuthäuser (Germany)
Ignatius Farray (Spain)
Fiorella Victoria Guidi (San Marino/Argentina)
Kyriakos Proxenos (Greece)
Fredrik Lindholm (Sweden)
Anika Liekefett (Germany)
Ylva & Linda Persson (Sweden)
Alessandro Iannone (Italy)
Sofya Angel-Barokko (Russia)
Jan Vehar (Slovenia)
Jennie Evpak (Russia)
Jennifer Ellström (Sweden)
Julia Traser (Italy)
Justin Utley (United States)
Kurt Anthony (Malta)
Christian Reisinger (Austria)
Maik Rodriguez (Spain)
Gabor Keller (Hungary)
Marc Iglesias (Spain)
Mili Soli (Iran)
Stanislav Gutnik (Russia)
Pablo Couto (Spain)
Alberto Martinez (Spain)
Purple Life Band (Iran)
Darragh Reck (Ireland)
Rob Castellanos (Colombia)
Rui Antunes (Portugal)
Alexis Fernandes (Portugal)
Benjamin Coveliers (Belgium)
Pasqualino Alberto Leone (Italy)
Jacquelyn Szewczyk (United States)
María Ólafsdóttir (Iceland)
Marijo Jurenić (Croatia)
Peris Lagios (Greece)
Manuel Barreiro (Germany)
Stevie Bankster (Australia)
Beatboxerfii (Austria)
Laura Kamhuber (Austria)
Halilcan Aytan (Turkey)
Marco Almazan (Mexico)
Graciela Rodriguez (Spain)
Abiodun Egunjobi (Nigeria)
Alen Žabo (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Andy Spreng (United States)
Ben Robertson (United Kingdom)
Catman Cohen (Canada)
Heidi Gallacher (Switzerland)
Hernan Madison (Spain)
Matthew Tan (Singapore)
Paulo Contreiras (Portugal)
Sharon Ilyaguev (Israel)
Stevan Shtepan (Serbia)
Yola Dinis (Portugal)
Zoe Webb (United States)
Ahmad Remmo (Lebanon)
Allana Smith (Australia)
Cassa Tompa (United Kingdom)
Chris Hibbert (United Kingdom)
Elizaveta Zvorygina (Russia)
Jorja Bromley (Australia)
Kevin Bimpson (United Kingdom)
Luke White (United Kingdom)
Melissa James (Australia)
Melissa Wroe (United Kingdom)
Miss Bliss (Austria)
Paris Munro (United Kingdom)
Nicholas Bykov (United States)
Joena Steyaert (Belgium)
Angelo Sarda (Italy)
Marianne Vedder (Netherlands)
Akman Stone (Latvia)
Jonah Neuser (Luxembourg)
Christian Heath (South Africa)
Emanuel Dreher (Germany)
Clara Cabrera (Spain)
Daniel Slater (United Kingdom)
Denise Lopez (Sweden)
Anna Hilbert (Germany)
Davide Moscato (Italy)
Salva Carbonell Martorell (Spain)
Josema SanDez (Spain)
Julian Lesiński (Poland)
Justinas Stanislovaitis (Lithuania)
Mariette Larina (Russia)
Ray Isaac (Australia)
Glenys Vargas & Kevin Ettienne (Italy)
Luis DH (Spain)
Maria Madalena Röder (Germany)
Martin Månsson (Sweden)
Sean O'Hara (United States)
Lewis Sheridan (United Kingdom)
Giulio Capuani (Italy)
Mos B (Sierra Leone)
Rick Jurthe (Germany)
Ren Robles (Philippines)
Selina Ebert (Germany)
Chris Beer (Austria)
Pierre Hondemarck (France)
Calli Abisognio (United States)
Janina Hinrichs (Germany)
Cristian Goaie (Romania)
Olivier Kaye (Belgium)

In December, San Marino RTV and 1 in 360 will announce a short list of ten candidates. Seven of these candidates will be nominated by the 1 in 360 jury in consultation with San Marino RTV. Up to three candidates may be selected by wildcard.

One of the wildcards will be awarded by joint voting of Eurovision fan clubs and Facebook fan pages. During the first vote which ended on 23 November, submissions from a number of OGAE fan clubs as well as other fan communities, some of which are organized as legal entities, whiles others are Facebook groups or Twitter handles have been received. All candidates nominated by fan clubs have been included in the shortlist, except for the candidates who have withdrawn from the contest and the Wiwibloggs duo, who instead were invited to participate in the fan club vote. 70 candidates have made the cut: 12 of them represent Italy, 9 - Malta, 6 - Germany, 5 - UK and Sweden, 4 - Belgium, 3 - Austria, 2 - South Africa, Spain, Ireland, Armenia, Greece, and 1 candidate from Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Lithuania, Portugal, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Slovenia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Israel, Canada, Argentina, Zimbabwe each.

Shortlist of candidates of the Fan club vote for the 1st Wildcard
Ana Maria Ganarul Perez (Spain) ≥4
Angelika Pushnova (Belarus)
Aurora Lecis (Italy) ≥8
Ben Robertson (UK)
Benjamin Coveliers (Belgium) ≥11
Bjorn Rosier (Belgium)
Carlos Morell (Argentina)
Chris Beer (Austria)
Colé van Dais (South Africa) 24
Dan Muscat (Malta)
Dario & Grecia Bezzina (Malta) ≥12
Dario Mifsud Bonnici (Malta) ≥16
Darragh Reck (Ireland) ≥7
Davide Greco (Italy)
Dianaerika Lettieri (Italy) ≥12
Dionisis Kostis (Greece) ≥13
Domenico Caringella (Italy) 28
Dominic Cini (Malta)
Elisa Castells (Italy)
Elvira Michieva (Germany) ≥12
Em Appelgren (Sweden)
Emily Herbert (UK)
Emma Sandström (Finland) 47
Ending Sequence (Spain) ≥15
Franklin Calleja (Malta) 46
Gail Attard (Malta)
HIlary Smile (Italy) ≥1
Isabelle Larm (Germany)
Italove (Sweden) ≥8
Jan Vehar (Slovenia)
Jenifer Besky (Germany)
Joena Steyaert (Belgium)
Jonas Hedqvist (Sweden)
Judah Gavra (Israel) 32
Julia Traser (Italy)
Justinas Stanislovaitis (Lithuania) 26
Karl William Lund (UK) ≥12
Kirsten Collins (Canada)
Luke Smith (UK)
Lyosha Dontsov (Ukraine) ≥5
Mada Ngoleka (Ireland)
Mahan Moin (Sweden) 20
Malcolm Pisani (Malta)
Maria Cassar (Malta)
Melissa Perilli (Germany)
Michele Imberti (Italy)
Miss Bliss (Austria)
Monika Ivkic (Bosnia and Herzegovina) ≥1
Olivier Kaye (Belgium) ≥12
Ozzy Lino (Malta)
Pasqualino Alberto Leone (Italy)
Pierpaolo Tieri (Italy)
Rick Jurthe (Germany) 25
Romeo Lewis (UK)
Sada Vidoo (Denmark) 32
Safael Mishi (Azerbaijan)
Sara de Blue (Austria) ≥12
Sebastian Schmidt (Germany)
Silvia Vicinelli (Italy)
Sona Dunoyan (Armenia)
Stavros Pilichos (Greece)
Steven Sterling (South Africa) ≥4
Syuzanna Melqonyan (Armenia) ≥2
Tiago Braga (Portugal) 31
Tinashe Makura (Zimbabwe) 19
Vell Baria (Philippines)
Victoria Pederssen (Norway)
Yana Glushak-Sirena (Russia) 30
Ylva & Linda Persson (Sweden)

In the second round of vote fan clubs were not allowed to vote for candidates from their own country, which aimed to ensure that the overall outcome focuses on the artists' talent rather than national affiliation. Every fan club should have voted on the usual 1-12 scale until 12 a.m. London time on December 1, 2017. The final voting was made per country, that means if more than one club from a country took part in the vote, their points will be aggregated in a single vote. To make their votes valid fan communities that are Facebook groups or a Twitter handles, needed to demonstrate some robust online discussion so that only active online communities get a chance to shape the overall outcome. Only one winner of the fan club vote got the Wildcard to join other finalists of the televised preselection.

Votes have been received from fan clubs of Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Italy, Greece, Hungary, Malta, Belgium, Rest of the World and combined vote of the ESC Press. Results of Fan club vote were revealed on 4 December. Several irregularities in the voting have been noted: Ireland gave 10pts to Ludovica Amati, who was not shortlisted for the vote, Hungary gave 6pts to both Sada Vidoo and Yana Gloushak, Greece gave 2pts to Domenico Caringella and Tinashe Makura, Cole van Dais was omitted from final top 10 screen despite finishing 7th, Tiago Braga was displayed twice during Belgian vote, several names of artists were misspelt. On 5 December corrected results were released, which included earlier omitted votes of one of Belgian fan clubs. However, Franklin, who got 2 points in the original Belgian vote, somehow lost 3 points in combined Belgian vote.

1. Emma Sandström (Finland) 47 (FR10, GB12)
2. Franklin Calleja (Malta) 46 (IE12, IT12, GB10, ESC10)
3. Sada Vidoo (Denmark) 32
3. Judah Gavra (Israel) 32
5. Tiago Braga (Portugal) 31 (DE12)
6. Yana Gloushak (Russia) 30 (GR10)
7. Domenico Caringella (Italy) 28 (DE10)
8. Justinas Stanislovaitis (Lithuania) 26
9. Rick Jurthe (Germany) 25 (ESC12)
10. Colé van Dais (South Africa) 24 (IT10, ROW10)
11. Mahan Moin (Sweden) 20 (MT10)
12. Tinashe Makura (Zimbabwe) 19
Check club by club voting

12 Tiago Braga
10 Domenico Caringella
8 Ending Sequence
7 Darragh Reck
6 Italove
5 Lyosha Dontsov
4 Ana Maria Ganarul Perez
3 Dionisis Kostis
2 Tinashe Makura
1 Monika Ivkic
France: (OGAE France+?)
12 Olivier Kaye (12+?)
10 Emma Sandström (10+?)
8 Benjamin Coveliers (0+?)
7 Tinashe Makura (0+?)
6 Aurora Lecis (6+?)
5 Mahan Moin (5+?)
0 Ending Sequence (8+?)
? Vell Baria (7+?)
? Syuzanna Melqonyan (4+?)
? Judah Gavra (3+?)
? Justinas Stanislovaitis (2+?)
? Rick Jurthe (1+?)
12 Emma Sandström
10 Franklin Calleja
? Sada Vidoo
3 Benjamin Coveliers
2 Italove
12 Franklin Calleja
10 Ludovica Amati (?)
7 Sada Vidoo
5 Mahan Moin
2 Aurora Lecis
12 Franklin Calleja
10 Cole van Dais
1 Tinashe Makura
12 Elvira Michieva
10 Yana Glushak
7 Tiago Braga
2(?) Domenico Caringella
2(?) Tinashe Makura
Hungary (OGAE Hungary+?):
12 Dianaerika Lettieri (10+?)
10 Dionisis Kostas (6+?)
8 Emma Sandström (1+?)
? Judah Gavra (12+?)
6(?) Sada Vidoo (0+?)
6(?) Yana Glushak (8+?)
? Dario & Grecia Bezzina (0+?)
3 Franklin Calleja (5+?)
2 Tiago Braga (4+?)
1 Domenico Carignella (3+?)
0 Justinas Stanislovaitis (7+?)
0 Syuzanna Melqonyan (2+?)
12 Karl William Lund
10 Mahan Moin
8 Domenico Carignella
7 Sada Vidoo
? Ending Sequence
5 Judah Gavra
3 Emma Sandström
2 Yana Glushak
? Gloria Zaccaria (12+?)
? Dario Mifsud Bonnici (10+?)
8 Judah Gavra (?+?)
5 Rick Jurthe (?+?)
4 Sada Vidoo (8+?)
? Justinas Stanislovaitis (?+?)
2 Tiago Braga (6+?)
1 Emma Sandström (5+?)
-1(?) Franklin Calleja (2+?)
ESCCovers combined):
12 Sara de Blue (4+12)
10 Cole van Dais (6+8)
8 Justinas Stanislovaitis (12+0)
7 Emma Sandström (10+0)
6 Yana Glushak (0+10)
5 Judah Gavra (8+0)
4 Steven Sterling (3+5)
3 Tiago Braga (7+0)
2 Syuzanna Melqonyan (0+7)
1 Hilary Smile (0+6)
0 Sada Vidoo (5+0)
0 Dominic Cini (0+4)
0 Mada Ngoleka (0+3)
0 Italove (2+0)
0 Kirsten Collins (0+2)
0 Tinashe Makura (1+1)
ESC Press:
12 Rick Jurthe
10 Franklin Calleja
8 Domenico Caringella
6 Emma Sandström
5 Tiago Braga
On the 1st of December at 09:00 London time, all likes on the website were reset and visitors got 10 more days to vote for their favourite artist. Artist with the most of likes on the 10th of December at 11:59pm will get the second wildcard. Only website likes count for this exercise - no YouTube likes. On 9 December organizers made a statement, answering concerns about unfair online voting and admitted that while they "can not control the outcome of the internet based vote, and there's very little they can do to prevent fraud in it - it is still natural for the "internet candidate" selection that one wild card should be decided by the internet, with all the good and bad things that this entails".

Giovanni Montalbano (Italy) has topped online voting for the second wildcard in San Marino with 388633 on the deadline at 23:59 London time. It is worth noting, that practically all of his votes were gained during the last day of the competition. In the last 1.5 hours of the voting, Montalbano had added 155,000 votes narrowly beating his compatriot GLORIA ZACCARIA who finished with 382237, also more than doubling her vote in the last 24 hours, and counting on par with the winner during last hour of the vote. 32 singers have reached mark of 1000, 22 - of 2000, 17 of 5000, 15 of 10000, 9 of 25000, 6 of 50000, 5 of 100000, 3 of 200000 and 2 of 300000. 25 of the participating acts failed to gain a single vote. Interestingly, 4 of top 10 singers, including both Montalbano and ZACCARIA, have failed to gain 100 votes in the first stage of the competition. EurovisionCoverage had followed daily progress of the vote and you can check it here: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, Day 5, Day 6, Day 7, Day 8, Day 9, Day 10.

1. Giovanni Montalbano (Italy) 388633
2. GLORIA ZACCARIA (Italy) 382237
3. Julian Lesiński (Poland) 203579
4. Miguel Vicente (Spain) 190879
5. Tom Hartis (France) 112313
All candidates getting over 1000 votes
1. Giovanni Montalbano (Italy) 388633
2. GLORIA ZACCARIA (Italy) 382237
3. Julian Lesiński (Poland) 203579
4. Miguel Vicente (Spain) 190879
5. Tom Hartis (France) 112313
6. Marcus Reischmann (Germany) 50045
7. Yana Gloushak (Russia) 33649
8. Dario Mifsud Bonnici (Malta) 33127
9. Stavros Pilichos (Greece) 28208
10. Mac Zavadsky (Poland) 23448
11. Camilla Dentale (Italy) 18219
12. Jessika (Malta) 17921
13. HIlary Smile (Italy) 15169
14. Sofya Angel Barocco (Russia) 15115
15. Benjamin Coveliers (Belgium) 10388
16. Sebastian Calleja (Malta) 6494
17. Panagiotis Mademlis (Greece) 6232
18. Maika Barbero (Spain) 4853
19. Raylan Arbizu (Spain) 4446
20. William and Deban (United Kingdom) 3423
21. Elena Petresca (Macedonia) 2714
22. René Reith-Schäfer (Germany) 2027
23. Bjorn Rosier (Belgium) 1939
24. Oyku Dogan (Turkey) 1896
25. Ones Antoine (Haiti) 1739
26. Elisa "ELYSA" Kolk (Estonia) 1494
27. Eduard Alexogiannopoulos (Greece) 1403
27. Dario & Grecia Bezzina (Malta) 1403
29. Andi Taranik (Belarus) 1330
30. Dionisis Kostis (Greece) 1269
31. Camilla North (Norway) 1206
32. Marco Antonio Gaitano (Spain) 1030
Third wildcard will be reserved for the artists representing San Marino. One local artist will be chosen jointly by the national broadcaster and 1in360 producers. There are 8 artists from this country in running: Alessandra Busignani, Alibi, Anita Simoncini, Fabrizio Valentini, Fiorella Guidi, Gianluigi Colucci, Irol and Jimmy JDKA. The choice of Irol was announced on 20 December in live broadcast of news program of RTV San Marino. This completes the picture of the wildcard candidates.

Of the 10 finalists, one will be Sammarinese artist, one will be chosen by Fan Club vote and one will be the artist who gains most number of likes between 1 to 10 December. The remaining eight seats were assigned by San Marino RTV and 1in360 producers by making their choice among the remaining hundreds of entrants. Their names became known on 23 December.

IROL (San Marino)
Emma Sandström (Finland)
Giovanni Montalbano (Italy)
Camilla North (Norway)
Jenifer Besky (Germany)
Franklin Calleja (Malta)
Jessika (Malta)
Judah Gavra (Israel)
Tinashe Makura (Zimbabwe)
Sebastian Schmidt (Germany)
Sara de Blue (Austria)

Camilla North is a singer-songwriter from Norway with a unique voice. Her music blends organic acoustic sounds in an electronic atmosphere where the piano is the lead instrument. She's mostly known for her ballads, with lyrics touching upon life experiences and dreams. The media in Norway and Britain have been touting her as one to watch.

​Camilla was born and raised in Bergen, and studied music at Langhaugen upper secondary school. After this she went straight to Bath Spa University in England where she completed a BA in music and an MA in Songwriting. When she came back to Norway she continued her studies at the Grieg Academy of Music in Bergen where she got a PhD in Music. In 2016 Camilla released the singles "Just Breathe", "Unloveable" and "Notice me" and secured airplay on several radio channels in Norway. She has also competed in several competitions, winning the English vocal competition ‘Battle Of The Vox’ and the iLod songwriting competition in Norway. She has a lot of experience on stage, and has played most places in Bergen, Oslo, and the UK.

Camilla has also proven herself as a songwriter for other artists both in Norway and other countries. The song "Deja Vù" who was recorded by the girl group F(x), reached number 1 on Billboard's album chart. In 2016 Camilla was awarded with “Kulturgründeren” for her work as a singer-songwriter. In 2017 she collaborated with known DJs in the Netherlands and released the singles "Invisible" and "Still alive". Camilla is now balancing her time between running her own music school, preparing for Eurovision and recording her debut album.

Emma Sandstrom was born 1990 in a small town in Finland called Kokkola and for the past three years has been living and working in Stockholm as a music and art teacher.

Emma started singing and dancing since a very early age in different theaters, musicals and writing her own songs and continued that road in her teenage years following by studying to become a vocal and music teacher. Emma has performed on many stages and with musicians from all over the world. Her favorite styles are Blues, Jazz, Rock, and Pop. In 2015-2016, Emma Sandstrom took part in season 5 of The Voice of Finland and placed in the top 20. One year later, she participated in the Finnish Selection for the Eurovision Song Contest, where she came in third with "Circle of Light". She won many fans from around the world, who encouragted her to take part in the San Marino national selection for ESC 2018, where she won the first fan club wild card.

One of Emma's biggest dreams has been to participate in The Eurovision Song Contest ever since she first started watching the competition as a young child and now she's trying her luck for potentially having the honor to represent San Marino in Portugal this May. Emma places particular importance on the message and feel of a song. Lyrics and stories are important for her and she wants to tell a story for you. Emma has a YouTube channel where you can follow her journey through 1in360 and the Eurovision Song Contest.

Franklin Calleja was born on November 22, 1992 in Malta. The 25-year old started singing already as a child, but his star rose considerably in 2012 when he won the show "Don't stop me now", which was broadcasted on national television in Malta. ​

In 2013 he participated for the first time in the Maltese national selection for Eurovision with the track "Let your heart talk". In 2014 he reached the finals with "Love will take me home". In 2015 he was contacted by Eurovision winner Alexander Rybak, who believed and still strongly believes in this talented artist. "Still here" would prove to be a public favorite and reach 5th place. However, the song got airplay in several countries across Europe amongst Belgium, Germany, The Netherlands and the UK and reaching the official charts in Belgium. The song was also officially released through German record label Cap Sounds. Franklin placed third with the song "Little love" in 2016 and fifth with "Follow me" in 2017.

​Franklin is a resident singer at Hadd Ghalik, one of Malta's most popular programs. In addition, he works as a model and photographer, so Franklin is definitely a very varied artist from who we'll certainly more in the future.

When Giovanni Montalbano was 12, he attended his first concert and fell in love with music. ​He started writing songs and joined a band, "I Glamm", which enjoyed some buzz in his homeland Sicily, winning a regional festival with the single "Negli Anni 70" and getting national radio airplay. ​

In 2017 Giovanni decided to start a solo project, with "Fra Le Nuvole" being the first single he released.

Jenifer Brening was born on December 15, 1996 in Berlin. She started to sing at an early age. Her talent was recognized quickly and she was encouraged to realize her dreams. As a "digital native" she discovered YouTube as her platform, of course, and published several cover versions of international hits. Inspired by musical role models such as Rihanna, Beyoncé or Christina Aguilera she developed her own and unique vocal style. Her fanbase grew and thousands of clicks were motivation and endorsement to go on. Numerous invitations for national and international casting shows followed. At the show "The winner is", which which was produced by legendary John de Mol for the popular German TV station Sat 1, Jenifer reached the finals.

​In December 2013 she released her debut single "Not That Guy" and won the category "Best Newcomer 2014" at the EMMAwards. In 2014 two more singles followed. In 2015 Jenifer released her first self-written single "ASAP" and straight away reached top placements at the national and international club and sales charts (iTunes and Amazon). With her second single which was released in January 2016, she topped this. "Miracle" got a lot of attention by several renovated radio and tv stations at home and abroad. The song was also nominated in the category "Pop" at the Hollywood Music in Media Awards and won an international music competition in Kazakhstan.

By the end of 2016 the label KHB Music released her third single "Remember" and her long-awaited debut album "Recovery" followed soon thereafter. The album contains songs that Jenifer composed and wrote herself. 2017 also started very successfully. Jenifer Brening was invited by ARD, the German public boradcaster, to to perform an unplugged version of "Remember" at the "ARD Morgenmagazin".

Jessika was born on February 27, 1989, and is a Maltese singer-songwriter and actress. She was discovered on Malta national television in 2008 during the Malta Song for Europe Festival, "Tangled", her debut song, hit the airwaves some weeks later followed by "Sweet Temptation", which placed 2nd in the Malta Hit Song Festival. In June 2009 Jessika went on tour in England. She started her first debut gig at Roger Courtney’s open mike music club in Portsmouth. Her repertoire was so impressive that she was asked to perform again in the same pub a week later and offers to do other gigs began rolling in.

​In the summer of 2009 she signed a 10-day vocal program camp in Hollywood. Her journey started in Millbrae where Jessika gave her first performance only one day after landing in the United States. Shortly afterwards she headed down to Los Angeles for an intensive vocal training programme with leading vocal coach Seth Riggs after having been accepted into Riggs’ Speech Level Singing programme. Riggs has worked with some of the world’s top artists, including Faith Hill, Ricky Martin, Michael Bolton, Kelly Clarkson and many more. During the camp Jessika learned about other aspects of the music industry namely marketing and networking strategies. After completing her training, Jessika carried on to her next commitment, where she gave a live performance in popular Anaheim, which is located exactly next to the world-famous Disneyland.

​In 2010 Jessika graduated in B.A. Communications and Hispanic Studies from the University of Malta and precisely one year later she once more managed to make it to the finals of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest with the song "Down Down Down" penned by herself music composed by Philip Vella. Jessika's songs "Love is a Fire" and "Dance Romance" made it to the Maltese national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest in 2012.

​​2013 saw Jessika’s return with a bang. Teaming up with the writers who managed to bring Malta the first 2nd place in Eurovision – Philip Vella and Gerard James Borg – she added a dynamite writer to her arsenal – Thomas G:son. The Swedish songwriter, who wrote Loreen’s 2012 Eurovision Song Contest winner "Euphoria", joined forces with Borg and Vella to create the song "Ultraviolet", which Jessika performed in the Malta Eurovision final and placed 4th in the public vote. In 2014 Jessika teamed up again with Philip Vella and Gerard James Borg to create the song "Hypnotica", which won the TVM award and placed 1st in the public vote.​ Jessika again took part in the 2014/2015 edition of the MESC for the 5th time in a row with "Fandago", which was again written by Gerard James Borg and Philip Vella and placed 4th in public vote.

In 2016 Jessika teamed up again with Philip Vella and Gerard James Borg to create the song "The Flame", which placed 7th overall. Jessika participated in the 25th edition of International Discovery Festival which took place in Varna, Bulgaria in May 2017. Jessika won 2nd prize for Best Performer and the judges voted her the best female voice of the contest. Jessika sang a cover version of Emeli Sande's "Clown" and her original song "Hypnotica". In July 2016 Jessika released "Can’t let go", which was penned by Matt Muxu and produced by Cyprian Cassar. In August 2017 Jessika released single and a new music video for the song Edge of tomorrow written by Gerard James Borg and music by Philip Vella and produced by Sean Vella.

Judah Gavra is an Israeli singer-songwriter based in New York City. In March 2013 Judah competed in Eurovision Israel 2013 (Kdam Eurovision) with his song "We're Beautiful" and received rave reviews for his performance. After the competition Judah released two more singles to the radio called "Stay" and "Falling", which are available on iTunes, Spotify, and stores.

After a period in New York, teaching music, dancing, and acting, Judah in 2016 found himself in Israel again, planning to study performing arts in Israel. But then he got an unexpected phone call: Judah was offered to be a cantor in a synagogue in Brooklyn during Yom Kippur. The new visit led him to reconsider schools in the city.

Judah auditioned at The American Music and Dramatic Academy and was awarded a sizable scholarship. After graduating from AMDA in February 2009 following two years of study, Judah performed in concerts and live performances on one of the most prestigious stages in the world such as The UN, Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center, City Winery, Le Poisson Rouge, BB Kings in New York City. Performed all over the United States in musicals: "Legally Blonde", "Aida", "The Full Monty", "The Best Texas", "All American" (Off-Broadway) and more.

Lorenzo Salvatori, who goes by the stage name Irol, is well known within San Marino as the winner of the first series of the talent contest "I talent dei castelli" and he was also the spokesperson for San Marino at the 61st edition of the Eurovision Song Contest in 2017. Born in San Marino, he started rapping at age 14, immediately participating in Italian freestyle events. ​

In 2010 he released his first EP released in 2010 "Lost in time" for the independent label Big Things Music, and in 2013 he recorded his first album "Mental state". In 2013 Irol also participated in the MTV spit program, which is dedicated to freestyle. In 2015 he recorded his second EP "Distances" and also collaborated with the hip-hop music collective K-Rimini United Artists . He also shared the stage with Eron, a well-known Rimini writer active on the scene since the late eighties.

Blue eyes, blue hair, and a mystic blue voice are features of the Austrian singer Sara De Blue. The sound of her voice is often compared to the sound of a violin. Not content with singing, Sara writes and produces her own songs, and she also plays the piano, drums and the flute. She loves painting and everything to do with art. Sara studied jazz vocals, dance, acting at the Tyrolean conservatory. She also completed a B.A. in music and English literature at the pedagogical high school in Innsbruck. At the moment she teaches at a music school and is in the process of finalizing her B.A. in jazz cocals at the "Anton Bruckner University“ in Linz/Austria.

​Inspired by Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston, Sara's career started at the age of 13, where she was playing in different bands and won a few band contests. Sara was one of the 30 finalists of the famous German TV show "The Voice of Germany“. She was the first woman to sing the new national anthem at the Youth Winter Olympic Games in 2012 in Innsbruck. Sara reached the 2nd place at the International Home Composed Song Contest with her written song "Can't Stop". She was a Eurovision Song Contest wild card nominee for Austria in 2016 with her song "Closer To The Sun“.

Her song „Walking On Water“ (Autozone) reached the Top 3 on the Ö3 album charts. In addition to singing in a few Austrian TV shows, she's the voice of the ING DIBA commercial spots (German, Austrian TV). Sara also was a feature & Fm4 headliner as well as closing act of the international famous drum & base Amadeus music award-winning duo "Camo & Crooked" at Austria's biggest "Donauinsel Festival" & "Puls 4 Game Changers".

Sebastian Schmidt, known as Basti, is a singer from Germany. Born and raised in a small town, Basti decided at a young age that he wanted to see the world and spread his music. His musical gifts became apparent when he was still in elementary school where he had his first performances in front of an audience.

​He made his first television appearance when he was one of the 10 finalists of the Austrian singing competition "Kiddy Contest" at the age of 13. His appearance on the "The X-Factor", where he was one of the eight selected contestants for the judges' houses, gained him greater recognition in the German-speaking area. After finishing his high school, he studied "Popular Music And Media" and graduated in 2017. Besides his studies, he traveled parts of the world and countries like South Africa, Australia, and Brazil where he gained experience as a busker.

Especially the proximity to the audience and the authenticity of the music impressed and encouraged him to always continue making music. With his experience, a great voice and his charm, he now wants to step out from the streets to the big stage of the Eurovision Song Contest and finally bring the success that San Marino deserves.

Tinashe Makura is an Afro-pop musician from Zimbabwe. His professional musical career started in 2006 and began to take off after his move to Malaysia, where he was studying for his BSc in international business. He performed at festivals, Formula 1 shows and even to an audience of the royal family of Zimbabwe. In 2012, having completed his studies and returning to Zimbabwe, Tinashe released his debut hit single "Hello".

In April 2014 he released yet another hit "Zvekupenga" ft Chase. The single spent 15 consecutive weeks on the local charts landing him a slot to perform at HIFA 2015 (Harare International Festival of the Arts). In 2016 he released "Roar Zimbabwe Roar" ft Ammara Brown.

On 11 January in Vienna, rehearsals for the San Marino national final 1in360 were taking place. 11 singers chosen to compete in the preselection have been working in the Viennese Echo Pilot studio on the entries that they will be performing during the talent show. Father of Zoë Christof Straub is artistic director of the show. Ballads, reggae, r&b are among the styles which could be seen in shows on San Marino RTV in January and February. Broadcaster also mentions that home singer rapper Irol will likely perform a duet at preselection. The video report can be seen here. Filming of the shows has started in Bratislava, Slovakia on 19 January.

Eurovision 2016 entrant Zoë is co-writer of 20 of 22 entries competing in Sammarinese preselection 1in360, reveal organizers. " We didn't give the candidates pre-manufactured songs. Instead we conducted a songwriting camp in Vienna, for which we prepared a few chords and melodies. Our songwriters, producers and the candidates themselves then collaborated to turn them into finished songs. As a result, we've got a lot of songs with multiple songwriters (several have five songwriters). Zoe Straub, one of the judges, actively participated in the camp and has credits on all but two of the songs. The same is true of other members of the 1 in 360 creative team. And the same is also true of the candidates. About half of them have credits on one or more songs. The most active singer songwriter was Jenifer Brening, who received credits on four songs"

The representative will be selected over the course of three shows, which will be broadcast by San Marino RTV (520 channel on SKY, 73 on Tivusat, available on Hotbird) and by 1 in 360 on its YouTube channel. The shows will be hosted by Nick Earles and Kristin Stein.

The show times will be as follows:
February 9, 2018, 8:00 p.m. - First show
February 16, 2018, 8:00 p.m. - Second show
March 3, 2018, 9:00 p.m. - Final

The first and second shows will be pre-recorded, whereas the finals will be broadcast live from Bratislava. Fans who want to meet the candidates and judges up close at the finals and the after-show party are welcome to attend in person. Further information on ticket sales as well as travel and hotel booking information is available on

All 11 candidates will perform in all three shows.

In preparation for the shows, candidates attended a songwriting camp, at which each of them developed two songs with the help of a team of experienced songwriters and producers. Candidates were allowed to contribute ideas to both their own songs and the songs of other candidates and were be encouraged to form teams. The interaction between the candidates will be covered in background footage shown on the 1 in 360 website.

In the first two shows, the candidates will perform acoustic versions of their songs, and the judges will provide feedback. At the end of the second show, the judges will pick one song for each candidate, of which the candidates will perform a fully produced version in the finals.

The live performances from the first two shows will be released as an album and as digital downloads on February 19, 2018.
The fully produced versions of the songs will be made available no later than February 23, 2018, giving fans a chance to listen to them ahead of the live performances.

The winner will be chosen by a combination of jury and online voting. The online vote will open on February 23, 2018 and extend through the end of the finals. Both the jury vote and the online vote will follow the Eurovision format, whereby the candidates will be awarded 12, 10, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1 points in descending order of preference.

To avoid a repeat of the vote fraud allegations surrounding the fan vote and ensure maximum fairness and as representative a result as possible, two measures will be put in place:

The online vote will be conducted via Paypal, whereby each Paypal account will be limited to one vote at EUR 1

The jury and online vote will be weighted as follows: If not more than 50,000 votes are cast, the public vote will account for 10% of the overall vote tally. If more than 50,000 but not more than 100,000 votes are cast, the public vote will account for 20% of the overall vote tally. If more than 100,000 but not more than 200,000 votes are cast, the public vote will account for 30% of the overall vote tally. If more than 200,000 votes but not more than 250,000 votes are cost, the public vote will account for 40% of the overall vote tally. And if more than 250,000 votes are cast, the public vote will account for 50% of the overall vote tally.

As a fan engagement measure, 1 in 360 has partnered with Global Rockstar’s innovative crowdfunding platform to allow fans to participate in the success of a song by investing in it. An investment in a song entitles a fan to share in the royalties generated from every stream and download of the track for the term of copyright (70 years). San Marino RTV and 1 in 360 would like to emphasize that any investments made in the songs are entirely optional, will not be considered in the online vote tally and will have no bearing whatsoever on the chances of a candidate or song in the finals.

# Performer 1st Entry 2nd Entry
01.Emma SandströmDiamondsHold On
01.IROLStuck Without You (feat Jessika)Sorry (feat. Basti)
01.Giovanni MontalbanoBest Years of Our LivesImmenso (Immense)
01.Judah GavraStayMoonlight
01.Tinashe MakuraWe Are OneFree Yourself
01.Jessika MuscatWho We Are (feat. IROL)Out of the Twilight
01.Sara de BlueUntil the Morning LightOut of the Twilight
01.Jenifer BreningSorryUntil the Morning Light
01.Franklin CallejaBest Years of Our Lives"Stay
01.Camilla NorthFree Yourself"Yo no soy tu chica (I'm not your girl)

Latest news

This evening selected members of the Eurovision press were invited to a large screen viewing of the first instalment of the San Marino section process 1 in 360. The evening was hosted by the PR company behind the whole concept and was a chance to meet both presenters Nick Earles and Kristin Stein and one of the judges Neon Hitch as well as the team behind the production.

Complimentary wine, beer and nibbles and a small social chat ensured everyone was relaxed and hopeful for a great evening. This new concept for San Marino, in fact a new concept to Eurovision, is in its first year and the team behind the show have made it very clear they are in to win and are extremely serious about the whole process.

After the showing there was a brief discussion on what the press thought of the show, whom we thought performed well and would be good to see progress to win the San Marino ticket for Lisbon in May.

San Marino 1in360

From the 16th of February until the 3rd of March 2018, Eurovision Fans and music lovers have the chance to become a part of the Eurovision entry 2018 of the Republic of San Marino.

Starting 16th of February, on, you will get the opportunity to become a shareholder of the tracks, that you believe will have the biggest chances at the Eurovision 2018 in Lisbon! In any case, all 11 songs from all candidates will be released worldwide.

If you invest in the one that finally represents San Marino at the ESC, you'll make a great deal for sure: You will be entitled to receive royalty payments for the term of copyright (average 70 years) from the commercial exploitation of the master rights of that track. You will participate in every stream and download of a Eurovision track.

If you invest in a track that finally does not represent San Marino at the Eurovision, don't worry. We release and market all 11 tracks worldwide anyway, and we'll do everything to also make hits out of them. So, your investment could bring you great and sustainable revenues for 70 years in any case.

11 candidates from all around the world are performing their Eurovision Songs in 3 TV-Shows:

All Shows will be broadcasted on San Marino RTV and streamed on

Show 1 on the 9th of February at 8 p.m. CET
Show 2 on the 16th of February at 8 p.m. CET
In Show 2, the judges (ZOË, Neon Hitch, Alessandro Capriccioni, Ladi) decide which 11 songs will be performed in the grand final on the 3rd of March 2018.
In a live TV-Show on the 3rd of March, the San Marino Candidate and song will be announced.

Non-qualifying participants of Sammarinese preselection 1in360 Mateusz Pławski (Poland), VictorMetalMachine (Spain) and Elisa "ELYSA" Kolk (Estonia) force to shut down official Youtube channel of the preselection.

"As many others, they were happy to apply for the competition when they were hoping to win it. When they didn't make the shortlist, however, they decided to contact YouTube to request the suspension of our channel on the basis that the fact that we showed their submissions to fans was a violation of their rights", said the organizers in the statement. At the moment counter-appeals are being considered by Youtube, but channel and all videos remain unavailable.

Thus, live broadcast of the preselection will take place on a new Youtube channel.

Accordingly, all preselection videos embedded on ESCKAZ page currently are also unavailable.

21/01: Report on shootings of the show in Bratislava
18/01: Preparations for 1in360 broadcasts take place in Vienna
08/01: Preliminary schedule of live broadcasts revealed
31/12: Neon Hitch revealed as third jury member
11/12: Second wildcard decided
09/12: Statement from organizers about fraud allegations in online vote
08/12: Vince Bugg announced as jury member
05/12: Voting results corrected
04/12: Fan club wilcard revealed
01/12: Submission period is over, voting for the 2nd wildcard starts
28/11: Third wildcard reserved for artist from San-Marino
24/11: Shortlist of Fan-club vote revealed
02/11: First 150 entries published
17/10: 1in360 selection launched

Национальный отбор

17 октября телевидение Сан-Марино и проект "1 in 360" объявили о запуске онлайн шоу талантов, которое нацелено на исполнителей со всего мира с целью найти "интернет кандидата" на Евровидение 2018, и короновать его как официального представителя Сан-Марино на этом песенном конкурсе.

Шоу 1 in 360 создано британской компанией Naff Naff Ltd. Согласно регистру компаний, владельцем Naff Naff Ltd является Матиас Штрассер, и у компании есть офисы в Лондоне и Вене. Этот австрийский продюсер был со-автором ряда песен национальных отборов, в частности сотрудничал с бельгийским композитором Марком Пэлинком над некоторыми песнями мальтийских отборов, работав с такими артистами как Ира Лоско, Доминик Аццопарди, Ракела, Клинсманн, Кайли Колейро и др. Штрассер и Пэлинк также были авторами песни в ирландском отборе 2010 года, которую исполнила Моника Ивкич. Штрассер также работал над рядом заявок в немецкие отборы. Художественным директором и дизайнером шоу является Даниель Ким, который опубликовал его брендбук на своем сайте.

Заинтересованные исполнители были приглашены загрузить кавер-версию своего любимого трека или оригинальную песню на сайт проекта. Петь можно сольно, или в составе группы до 6 человек. Принимать участие могут исполнители из любой страны. Всем участникам должно быть свыше 16 лет на момент проведения Евровидения 2018. Заявки принимаются с 21 октября по 30 ноября на сайте

После того, как заявка будет опубликована, артисты и их поклонники смогут делиться ею в соцсетях и зарабатывать поддержку в виде лайков. Все песни, собравшие 100 лайков (засчитываются лайки как на вебсайте, так и на Youtube) автоматически попадут в руки отборочного жюри. Если жюри понравится услышанное, то артист будет приглашен участником в следующую стадию шоу. Если кто-то хотел бы пропустить период зарабатывания лайков, то можно оплатить взнос в размере 4.99 евро, и тогда песня автоматически попадет на рассмотрение жюри. Взнос оплачивается через Paypal.

21 октября стали известны имена членов жюри национального отбора. Ими стали Монс Зельмерлев (Швеция 2015), Зои Штрауб (Австрия 2016) и Дэйв Берри (Британский радио DJ и телеведущий), однако, позднее страница была удалена с сайта, с объяснением, что она была создана для тестирования графики. Зои вновь была подтверждена в качестве члена жюри 13 ноября. 8 декабря стало известно, что Танцор и хореограф Винс Багг, работавший ранее над постановками Вест-Энда и Бродвея, включая "Король-лев" стал вторым членом жюри. Британская певица Неон Хитч была объявлена третьим членом жюри 31 декабря.

В итоге, однако, Винс Багг был заменен на Лади (Ладислава Коссара), к жюри также добавился Алессандро Капиккьони - глава делегации Сан-Марино.

"Я точно знаю, что я буду искать. Я не собираюсь быть грубым или нести негатив. Положительная критика - это всегда то, чем я буду стараться заниматься. По большому счету, я буду фокусироваться не на пении, а на основе сценических выступлений - движениях, танцах. Выступления не обязательно должны сопровождаться полноценной танцевальной программой, иногда бывает, что артист просто стоит - но делает это красиво", рассказал член жюри о своих предпочтениях

Первые 150 заявок, поступивших на участие в интернет отборе Сан-Марино 1in36 были опубликованы 1 ноября. Заявки также размещаются на официальном Youtube канале проекта. На тот момент было объявлено о получении свыше 250 заявок из 60 стран мира.

Список участников включал в себя такие имена бывших конкурсантов Евровидения или национальных отборов, как Дадо Топич (Хорватия), Роберто Мелони (Италия), Анита Симончини (Сан-Марино), Гванца Санеблидзе (Грузия), Мария Олафсдоттир (Исландия), Сюзанна Мелконян, Сона Дуноян, Эгине Григорян (Армения), В.Густов и И.Балакирев (Россия), Моника Ивкич (Босния и Герцеговина), Йола Динис (Португалия), Таша Оди, Жанет Бутерус Сорока, Анжелика Пушнова (Беларусь), Маргарет Ямрожи (Польша), Давиния Куевас, Майка (Испания), Эмма Сандстрем (Финляндия), Сада Виду (Дания), Дина На, Махан Моин (Швеция), Николь Аццопарди, Джессика, Франклин Каллея, Дарио Беццина, Доминик Цини (Мальта), Карл Уильям Лунд (Великобритания), Белла Вагнер (Австрия), Анна Цизон (Канада), Элиза Колк (Эстония), Сэнди Си (Молдова), Елена Петреска (Македония) и другие. Однако, организаторы столкнулись с определенным троллингом - оказалось, что некоторые заявки были поданы без согласия артистов и позднее сняты с конкурса.

600 заявок были получены до 9 ноября, объявил вещатель. "Ожидали ли мы подобного? Это не так далеко от наших прогнозов, основываясь на количестве предложений - практически со всего мира - которые мы получаем каждый год. На этот раз мы дали каждому желающему шанс воплотить свою мечту. Потрясающе получать заявки из таких стран, как Камерун, Таджикистан, Ливан, Южная Африка, Иран, Китай и Гаити, если назвать только некоторых, а также из США и практически всех Европейских стран", говорит глава делегации Алессандро Капиккьони, добавляя, что в отборе не так много исполнителей, представляющих соседнюю Италию и пока ни одного из Сан-Марино. "Этот конкурс нацелен также и на наших домашних артистов, и мы разработали систему, которая может помочь им. Мы с нетерпением ждем возможности доказать, что и нашим артистам есть что показать". В местных газетах были размещены объявления, нацеленные на призыв к местным артистам.

К 23 ноября поступили 750 заявок из 70 стран мира. "Мы вызвали глобальный интерес, я полагаю, что это произошло из-за великой силы социальных сетей. Мы - одна из самых маленьких стран мира, и, вероятно, многим конкурсантам пришлось даже поискать нас на карте. Это просто невероятно, мне кажется очень мощным то, что сотни молодых людей и девушек решили принять участие в этом конкурсе", заявил глава делегации.

1050 заявок было получено на момент окончания их приема, из них 971 в формате видео и 79 в формате аудио. 549 из них были опубликованы на канале Youtube. Еще 28 заявок были опубликованы, но впоследствии удалены. Заявки были получены от 79 государств. Наибольшее количество заявок приходилось на страны Big 5: Италия 67, Испания 51, Германия 42, Великобритания 37, затем идут США 24, Россия 22, Швеция 20, Мальта 19, Польша 14, Австрия 13, Австралия, Португалия, Южная Африка 11, Греция, Канада 10, Франция, Нидерланды, Украина 9, Сан-Марино, Турция 8, Израиль, Филиппины 7, Армения, Беларусь, Бельгия, Сербия, Швейцария 6, Аргентина, Эстония, Ирландия, Норвегия 5, Азербайджан, Босния и Герцеговина, Колумбия, Хорватия, Литва, Румыния 4, Дания, Гаити, Таиланд 3, Болгария, Финляндия, Гватемала, Иран, Люксембург, Мексика, Молдова, Сингапур, Словения 2, Афганистан, Бангладеш, Бразилия, Камерун, Доминика, Грузия, Гана, Венгрия, Индия, Индонезия, Казахстан, Кения, Латвия, Ливан, Македония, Черногория, Марокко, Намибия, Нигерия, Сьерра-Леоне, Словакия, Южная Корея, Сент-Люсия, Свазиленд, Таджикистан, Зимбабве 1.

Полный список участников 1й стадии отбора. Красным шрифтом отмечены артисты, собравшие свыше 100 лайков до 30 ноября (181 артист). Какие артисты выбрали вместо сбора лайков внести взнос - неизвестно. Также, неизвестно, какие артисты сами сняли свои кандидатуры, были дисквалифицированы или просто решили не публиковать свои заявки публично, что было разрешено организаторами по запросу от артистов.

В декабре телевидение Сан-Марино и 1 in 360 объявят список десяти финалистов. Семь из них будут номинированы жюри проекта в консультации с телевидением Сан-Марино, а до трех участников могут быть приглашены в качестве вайлдкардов.

Один из вайлдкардов будет определен совместным голосованием фан-клубов и фан-страниц Евровидения в Facebook. Во время первого этапа голосования, завершившегося 23 ноября, были получены голоса как от ОГАЕ фан-клубов, так и от других фан-сообществ, некоторые из которых зарегистрированы легально, а некоторые являются просто Facebook группами или фан-Твиттерами конкурса. Все кандидаты, которые были номинированы ими вошли в короткий список, помимо кандидатов, которые сняли свои заявки, и дуэта Wiwibloggs, который был вместо этого приглашен принимать участие в голосовании вместе с фан-клубами. В короткий список вошли 70 кандидатов. 12 из них представляют Италию, 9 - Мальту, 6- Германию, по 5 - Великобританию и Швецию, 4 - Бельгию, 3 - Австрию, 2 - Армению, Южную Африку, Испанию, Ирландию, Грецию, и по 1 кандидату - Россию, Беларусь, Украину, Азербайджан, Литву, Португалию, Финляндию, Данию, Норвегию, Словению, Боснию и Герцеговину, Израиль, Канаду, Аргентину и Зимбабве.

Короткий список кандидатов голосования фан-клубов
Ana Maria Ganarul Perez (Испания) ≥4
Angelika Pushnova (Беларусь)
Aurora Lecis (Италия) ≥8
Ben Robertson (Великобритания)
Benjamin Coveliers (Бельгия) ≥11
Bjorn Rosier (Бельгия)
Carlos Morell (Аргентина)
Chris Beer (Австрия)
Colé van Dais (Южная Африка) 24
Dan Muscat (Мальта)
Dario & Grecia Bezzina (Мальта) ≥12
Dario Mifsud Bonnici (Мальта) ≥16
Darragh Reck (Ирландия) ≥7
Davide Greco (Италия)
Dianaerika Lettieri (Италия) ≥12
Dionisis Kostis (Греция) ≥13
Domenico Caringella (Италия) 28
Dominic Cini (Мальта)
Elisa Castells (Италия)
Elvira Michieva (Германия) ≥12
Em Appelgren (Швеция)
Emily Herbert (Великобритания)
Emma Sandström (Финляндия) 47
Ending Sequence (Испания) ≥15
Franklin Calleja (Мальта) 46
Gail Attard (Мальта)
HIlary Smile (Италия) ≥1
Isabelle Larm (Германия)
Italove (Швеция) ≥8
Jan Vehar (Словения)
Jenifer Besky (Германия)
Joena Steyaert (Бельгия)
Jonas Hedqvist (Швеция)
Judah Gavra (Израиль) 32
Julia Traser (Италия)
Justinas Stanislovaitis (Литва) 26
Karl William Lund (Великобритания) ≥12
Kirsten Collins (Канада)
Luke Smith (Великобритания)
Lyosha Dontsov (Украина) ≥5
Mada Ngoleka (Ирландия)
Mahan Moin (Швеция) 20
Malcolm Pisani (Мальта)
Maria Cassar (Мальта)
Melissa Perilli (Германия)
Michele Imberti (Италия)
Miss Bliss (Австрия)
Monika Ivkic (Босния и Герцеговина) ≥1
Olivier Kaye (Бельгия) ≥12
Ozzy Lino (Мальта)
Pasqualino Alberto Leone (Италия)
Pierpaolo Tieri (Италия)
Rick Jurthe (Германия) 25
Romeo Lewis (Великобритания)
Sada Vidoo (Дания) 32
Safael Mishi (Азербайджан)
Sara de Blue (Австрия) 12
Sebastian Schmidt (Германия)
Silvia Vicinelli (Италия)
Sona Dunoyan (Армения)
Stavros Pilichos (Греция)
Steven Sterling (Южная Африка) ≥4
Syuzanna Melqonyan (Армения) ≥2
Tiago Braga (Португалия) 31
Tinashe Makura (Зимбабве) 19
Vell Baria (Филиппины)
Victoria Pederssen (Норвегия)
Yana Glushak-Sirena (Россия) 30
Ylva & Linda Persson (Швеция)

Во второй стадии фан-клубы не могли голосовать за кандидатов из своих стран, что призвано гарантировать то, что общий итог будет основываться прежде всего на талантах артистов, а не их национальной принадлежности. Каждый клуб должен был проголосовать по шкале 1-12 до 12 утра лондонского времени 1 декабря 2017. Итоговый результат был подсчитан по странам, что значит, если в стране голосовал более, чем один фан-клуб, то их голоса были сложены вместе. Facebook и Twitter аккаунты для того, чтобы их голоса были засчитаны, должны были продемонстрировать активное обсуждение отбора на своих страницах, чтобы только самые активные онлайн сообщества могли принимать участие в голосовании. Только 1 победитель голосования фан-клубов вышел в 10ку финалистов телевизионного отбора Сан-Марино.

Поступили голоса от фан-клубов из Германии, Франции, Великобритании, Ирландии, Италии, Греции, Венгрии, Мальты, Бельгии, Остального мира и совмещенный голос прессы Евровидения. Итоги голосования фан-клубов стали известны 4 декабря. Были отмечены некоторые ошибки в голосовании: Ирландия дала 10 баллов Людовике Амати, которая не вошла в шортлист, Венгрия дала по 6 баллов Саде Виду и Яне Глушак, Греция дала 2 балла как Доменико Каринджелла, так и Тинаше Макуре, Коле ван Дайс не попала в итоговый показ топ10, несмотря на занятое 7е место, Тиага Брага был дважды показан во время голосования Бельгии, ряд имен артистов был написан с ошибками. 5го декабря были опубликованы уточненные итоги голосования, как сообщается, в первоначальных был неподсчитан один из бельгийских клубов. Однако, Франклин, набравший в первоначальном голосовании Бельгии 2 балла, потерял при уточнении данных 3 балла.

1. Emma Sandström (Финляндия) 47 (FR10, GB12)
2. Franklin Calleja (Мальта) 46 (IE12, IT12, GB10, ESC10)
3. Sada Vidoo (Дания) 32
3. Judah Gavra (Израиль) 32
5. Tiago Braga (Португалия) 31 (DE12)
6. Яна Глушак (Россия) 30 (GR10)
7. Domenico Caringella (Италия) 28 (DE10)
8. Justinas Stanislovaitis (Литва) 26
9. Rick Jurthe (Германия) 25 (ESC12)
10. Colé van Dais (Южная Африка) 24 (IT10, ROW10)
11. Mahan Moin (Швеция) 20 (MT10)
12. Tinashe Makura (Зимбабве) 19
Результаты голосования по клубам

1 декабря в 12:00 Москвы все лайки на вебсайте были аннулированы, и пользователи получили еще 10 дней для того, чтобы проголосовать за любимых артистов. Артист, собравший наибольшее количество лайков на 10 декабря в 11:59 вечера станет обладателем второго вайлдкарда. В этой стадии засчитываются только лайки на сайте, не на Youtube канале. 9 декабря организаторы выпустили заявление, отвечая на жалобы о возможных нарушениях в онлайн голосовании, признав, что хотя они "не могут контролировать исхода интернет голосования, и имеют очень мало возможностей предотвратить мошенничество в нем - все равно из сути конкурса естественно, что один вайлдкард должен быть определен интернетом, со всеми хорошими и плохими сторонами этого решения"

Giovanni Montalbano (Италия) набрал больше всего голосов на момент закрытия голосования на второй вайлдкард в Сан-Марино в 23:59 по времени Лондона - 388633. Интересно, что практически все свои голоса он набрал за последние сутки голосования. За последние 1.5 часа голосования, Монталбано добавил 155 тысяч голосов, в итоге обойдя на финишном рывке свою соотечественницу GLORIA ZACCARIA, которая завершила конкурс с 382237 голосами, более чем удвоив количество своих голосов за последние 24 часа, набирая практически одинаковое количество голосов с победителем в последний час голосования. 32 артиста собрали свыше тысячи голосов, 22 - свыше 2 тысяч, 17 - свыше 5 тысяч, 15 - свыше 10 тысяч, 9 - свыше 25 тысяч, 6 - свыше 50 тысяч, 5 - свыше 100 тысяч, 3 - свыше 200 тысяч, и 2 - свыше 300 тысяч. 25 участников голосования не собрали ни одного голоса. Интересно, что 4 из первой десятки, включая как Montalbano, так и ZACCARIA, не набрали даже 100 голосов в первом раунде голосования. EurovisionCoverage ежедневно следил за ходом онлайн голосования, и результаты по дням вы можете найти здесь: День 1, День 2, День 3, День 4, День 5, День 6, День 7, День 8, День 9, День 10.

1. Giovanni Montalbano (Италия) 388633
2. GLORIA ZACCARIA (Италия) 382237
3. Julian Lesiński (Польша) 203579
4. Miguel Vicente (Испания) 190879
5. Tom Hartis (Франция) 112313
Все кандидаты, набравшие более 1000 голосов
1. Giovanni Montalbano (Италия) 388633
2. GLORIA ZACCARIA (Италия) 382237
3. Julian Lesiński (Польша) 203579
4. Miguel Vicente (Испания) 190879
5. Tom Hartis (Франция) 112313
6. Marcus Reischmann (Германия) 50045
7. Яна Глушак (Россия) 33649
8. Dario Mifsud Bonnici (Мальта) 33127
9. Stavros Pilichos (Греция) 28208
10. Mac Zavadsky (Польша) 23448
11. Camilla Dentale (Италия) 18219
12. Jessika (Мальта) 17921
13. HIlary Smile (Италия) 15169
14. Софья Ангел Барокко (Россия) 15115
15. Benjamin Coveliers (Бельгия) 10388
16. Sebastian Calleja (Мальта) 6494
17. Panagiotis Mademlis (Греция) 6232
18. Maika Barbero (Испания) 4853
19. Raylan Arbizu (Испания) 4446
20. William and Deban (Великобритания) 3423
21. Elena Petresca (Македония) 2714
22. René Reith-Schäfer (Германия) 2027
23. Bjorn Rosier (Бельгия) 1939
24. Oyku Dogan (Турция) 1896
25. Ones Antoine (Гаити) 1739
26. Elisa "ELYSA" Kolk (Эстония) 1494
27. Eduard Alexogiannopoulos (Греция) 1403
27. Dario & Grecia Bezzina (Мальта) 1403
29. Andi Taranik (Беларусь) 1330
30. Dionisis Kostis (Греция) 1269
31. Camilla North (Норвегия) 1206
32. Marco Antonio Gaitano (Испания) 1030
Третий вайлдкард отбора будет вручен местному, сан-маринскому артисту. Один из местных кандидатов будет выбран совместно национальным вещателем и продюсерами 1in360. В отборе принимают участие 8 заявок из этой страны - Alessandra Busignani, Alibi, Anita Simoncini, Fabrizio Valentini, Fiorella Guidi, Gianluigi Colucci, Irol и Jimmy JDKA. Выбор Ирола был объявлен 20 декабря в прямом эфире выпуска новостей на телевидении Сан-Марино. Это завершило выбор вайлдкардов отбора.

Таким образом, одним из финалистов будет артист из Сан-Марино, один будет выбран голосованием Фан-клубов конкурса, и еще одним станет артист, собравший наибольшее количество лайков между 1 и 10 декабря. Оставшиеся восемь артистов были выбраны San Marino RTV и продюсерами 1in360 из нескольких сотен кандидатов, их имена стали известны 23 декабря.

IROL (Сан-Марино)
Emma Sandström (Финляндия)
Giovanni Montalbano (Италия)
Camilla North (Норвегия)
Jenifer Besky (Германия)
Franklin Calleja (Мальта)
Jessika (Мальта)
Judah Gavra (Израиль)
Tinashe Makura (Зимбабве)
Sebastian Schmidt (Германия)
Sara de Blue (Австрия)

C 11 января в Вене проходили репетиции перед отборочным туром Сан-Марино 1in360. 11 финалистов отбора работают в венской студии Echo Pilot над песнями, которые они будут исполнять во время национального отбора. Арт-директором шоу является Кристоф Штрауб, отец певицы Зои. Баллады, рэгги, ар-н-би - среди тех стилей, которые можно будет услышать в эфирах SMTV Сан-Марино в январе и феврале. Вещатель также отмечает, что сан-маринец рэппер Ирол выступит в отборе в составе дуэта. Видеорепортаж о подготовке можно увидеть здесь. Съемки шоу начались в Братиславе, Словакия, 19 января.

Представительница Австрии на Евровидении 2016 Зои Штрауб стала соавтором 20 из 22 конкурсных песен национального отбора Сан-Марино 1in360. "Мы не распределяли между кандидатами уже готовых песен. Вместо этого мы провели в Вене авторский лагерь, для которого мы подготовили несколько аккордов и мелодий. Наши авторы, продюсеры и сами кандидаты потом совместно поработали, чтобы превратить их в готовые песни. В результате, получилось множество песен с несколькими (до пяти) соавторов. Зои Штрауб, член жюри отбора, активно принимала в лагере и является соавтором всех, кроме 2х песен. Тоже самое можно сказать и о других членах творческой группы 1in360. Тоже самое можно сказать и о самих кандидатах. Половина из них является соавтором одной и более песен. Самым активным автором из участников стала Дженифер Бренинг, которая является соавтором 4 конкурсных песен", говорится в заявлении организаторов. Представитель будет выбран в рамках трех шоу, которые будут транслироваться San Marino RTV (520 канал SKY, 73 канал Tivusat, доступен на Hotbird), а также на Youtube канале 1 in 360. Части шоу будут сняты в формате 360 градусов и виртуальной реальности. Ведущими шоу станут Ник Ирлс и Кристин Стейн.

Время показа будет следующим:
9 февраля 2018 года, 20:00 - Первое шоу
16 февраля 2018 года, 20:00 - Второе шоу
3 марта 2018 года, 21:00 - Финал
Первое и второе шоу будут предварительно записаны, а финал будет транслироваться в прямом эфире из Братиславы. Поклонники, которые хотят встретиться с кандидатами и членами жюри в финале шоу, а также принять участие в постконкурсной вечеринке могут лично попасть на съемки. Дополнительная информация о продажах билетов, а также информация о бронировании гостиниц будет размещена на

Все 11 кандидатов будут выступать во всех трех шоу.

В рамках подготовки к шоу, кандидаты посетили композиторский лагерь, в котором для каждого из них были подготовлены две песни при участии группы опытных авторов песен и продюсеров. Кандидатам разрешалось предлагать идеи как своим песням, так и песням других кандидатов, и им было предложено сформировать команды. Взаимодействие между кандидатами будет показано в виде закулисных роликов, которые будут размещены на сайте 1 in 360.

На первых двух шоу кандидаты будут исполнять акустические версии своих песен, и судьи выскажут о них свое мнение. В конце второго шоу судьи выберут по одной песне для каждого кандидата, полноценную версию которой они исполнят в финале.

Живые выступления с первых двух шоу будут выпущены в виде альбома в цифровом формате 19 февраля 2018 года.

Полностью готовые версии песен будут доступны не позднее 23 февраля 2018 года, давая поклонникам возможность прослушать их перед живыми выступлениями.

Победитель будет определен комбинацией жюри и онлайн-голосования.

Онлайн-голосование откроется 23 февраля 2018 года и продолжится до конца финального шоу. Как голосование членов жюри, так и онлайн-голосование будут соответствовать формату Евровидения, в соответствии с которым кандидаты будут получать 12, 10, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 и 1 баллов в порядке убывания предпочтения.

Чтобы избежать повторения утверждений о мошенничестве связанном с онлайн голосованием и обеспечить максимальную справедливость и как можно более репрезентативный результат, будут приняты две меры:

Онлайн-голосование будет проводиться через Paypal, в соответствии с которым каждый счет Paypal будет ограничен одним голосом стоимостью в 1 евро.

Соотношение результатов жюри и онлайн-голосования будут рассчитаны следующим образом: если будет подано не более 50 000 голосов, то вес голосования публики составит 10%, если будет подано от 50 до 100 000 голосов - 20%, от 100 до 200 000 - 30%, от 200 до 250 000 - 40% и если будет подано свыше 250 000 голосов, то их вес станет равным - 50 на 50.

В качестве меры поддержки фанатами, 1 in 360 присоединился к инновационной платформе Global Rockstar, которая позволяет поклонникам участвовать в успехе песни, вкладывая в нее деньги. Вложение в песню дает право фанатам право получать роялти от каждого трека за каждое его скачивание или стрим на протяжении действия авторского права (70 лет). San Marino RTV и 1 in 360 хотели бы при этом подчеркнуть, что любые инвестиции, сделанные в песни, являются необязательными, и не будут учитываться в онлайн-голосовании и не будут иметь никакого отношения к шансам кандидата или песни в финале.

Победитель будет признан интернет кандидатом и официальным представителем Сан-Марино на Евровидении 2018, получив право выступить перед 200 миллионами зрителей, а также получит контракт на запись альбома.

# Исполнитель 1я песня 2я песня
01.Emma SandströmDiamondsHold On
01.IROLStuck Without You (feat Jessika)Sorry (feat. Basti)
01.Giovanni MontalbanoBest Years of Our LivesImmenso (Immense)
01.Judah GavraStayMoonlight
01.Tinashe MakuraWe Are OneFree Yourself
01.Jessika MuscatWho We Are (feat. IROL)Out of the Twilight
01.Sara de BlueUntil the Morning LightOut of the Twilight
01.Jenifer BreningSorryUntil the Morning Light
01.Franklin CallejaBest Years of Our Lives"Stay
01.Camilla NorthFree Yourself"Yo no soy tu chica (I'm not your girl)


Сегодня вечером представители крупнейшей прессы Евровидения были приглашены на просмотр первого шоу отборочного тура Сан-Марино 1 in 360. Вечер был организован PR кампанией, отвечающей за концепцию отбора, и пресса смогла пообщаться с ведущими Кристин Стайн и Ником Ирлсом, а также членом жюри Неон Хитч, и представителями организаторов проекта.

San Marino 1in360

C 16 февраля по 3 марта поклонники Евровидения смогут стать сопричастными к песне, которая представит Сан-Марино на Евровидении 2018.

На сайте вы получите возможность стать совладельцем прав на конкурсные песни тех кандидатов, которые на ваш взгляд имеют наибольшие шансы на то, чтобы представить страну в Лиссабоне. В любом случае 11 песен всех кандидатов получат всемирный релиз.

Если вы инвестируете в песню, которая в итоге представит Сан-Марино, то вместе с ней войдете в историю. Вы сможете получать выплаты роялти на протяжении всего срока авторских прав (70 лет) за любое коммерческое использование трека на песню - за каждый стрим и легальное скачивание конкурсного трека.

Даже если песня, в которую вы инвестируете, не представит Сан-Марино, то все равно она будет выпущена всемирным релизом, и может стать хитом, и тогда ваша инвестиция также продолжит приносить доход на протяжении 70 лет.

1 шоу - 9 февраля
2 шоу - 16 февраля
В его рамках члены жюри (ZOË, Neon Hitch, Alessandro Capriccioni, Ladi) определят, какие 11 песен сразятся в финале 3го марта.
Финал - 3 марта.

Непрошедшие участники сан-маринского отбора 1in360 Mateusz Pławski (Польша), VictorMetalMachine (Испания) и Elisa "ELYSA" Kolk (Эстония), добились закрытия официального Youtube канала отбора.

Как и многие другие участники эти три кандидата подали заявки на участие в конкурсе, однако, когда не вышли в финал, то подали жалобы на официальный канал, заявив, что их видеозаписи были размещены на нем в нарушение их прав. В настоящее время канал закрыт, рассмотрение ответных жалоб организаторов отбора продолжается.

Таким образом, трансляция прямых эфиров национального отбора пройдет на новом канале конкурса.

Соответственно и все видео национального отбора, встроенные на страницу ESCKAZ, также в настоящее время недоступны для просмотра.

21/01: Репортаж о съемках шоу в Словакии
19/01: Съемки шоу начались в Братиславе
18/01: В Вене проходит подготовка к эфирам конкурса
08/01: Предварительный график эфиров
31/12: Неон Хитч - третий член жюри
11/12: Определен второй вайлдкард конкурса
09/12: Заявление организаторов отбора о возможных нарушениях
08/12: Винс Багг - второй член жюри
05/12: В результаты голосования внесена коррекция
04/12: Объявлены результаты голосования Фан-клубов
01/12: Завершен прием заявок, началось голосование на 2 вайлдкард
28/11: Третий вайлдкард только для артистов из Сан-Марино
24/11: Определен шортлист голосования фан-клубов
02/11: Опубликованы первые 150 заявок
17/10: Запущен отбор 1in360